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Bella Glanville is an international model, TED speaker, TV personality and founder of the 'Lovekidz' Foundation. She grew up in London, where she worked with companies such as Adidas, Stella Mccartney, Topshop, Nike and Vogue. Bella is also a Motivational Speaker and has given four TED talks: on the 'Myth of Perfection', 'Embracing Uncertainty', ‘Why Humans Clash’ and ‘The Science of Online Dating’. She regularly volunteers at Tony Robbins Events and runs her own workshops.

"The mission of this magazine is to give people a voice. There are so many different changes that people want to make in the world, so I created this magazine as a platform for sharing those ideas. "

A mirror is just a piece of glass. What you see behind it is up to you.

Bella Glanville

Bella Glanville
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